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Christmas 2012, our solidarity greetings

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P.E. Labellers outreach: a special Christmas for children with special needs For years, P.E. Labellers has been supporting non-profit institutions and associations, especially during the Christmas holidays. This year will be a special Christmas because, by choosing their greeting cards and gifts, we have contributed to the purchase of a kiln for firing the ceramics created by the disabled children of La Quercia cooperative. There are gifts and greeting cards that you receive with greater pleasure than others, because they have been carefully chosen and help remember who sent them. We are proud to support the activities of the “La Quercia” cooperative, a reference point for disabled children in Mantua since 1985. For further information on the cooperative, visit their Facebook Fanpage. About Francesca BurattoFrancesca Buratto is Marketing Manager @ P.E. LabellersMail | More Posts...

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PDO and PGI wines: the news concerning labelling

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The new Italian law on PDO and PGI products, their labelling and presentation involving the wine growing and producing industry, published last August 28 in the Official Journal, has entered into force. After a simplification intervention of the national regulations, the consolidated Act on “the labelling and presentation of PDO and PGI wines and other wine-related products” was drawn up, which sets forth, among other things, the recodification of the standards concerning containers and the capping of DOCG (Denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin), DOC (Controlled designation of origin) and Igt wines. In addition, some constraints on packaging, concerning DOC wines in particular, were eliminated. Some liberalisation measures allow for the use of different bottle closures authorised by the EU legislation in force, including the screw cap and a traditional cork for higher quality products. “These measures,” stressed the...

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Organic wine: starting from the 2012 vintage, it will be indicated on the label

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Earlier this year, the European Union has set out the criteria for the production and labelling of organic wine. The new regulation, which entered into force on August 1st, 2012, establishes that, starting with the 2012 vintage, organic wine producers can certify as organic not only the grapes, but also the wine produced, as long as they meet all the requirements on substances used in oenological practices. Wine producers have been awaiting this recognition since 1991; AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) welcomed this EU decision with satisfaction. But also consumers will be surely satisfied, because they will finally be able to recognise organic wine thanks to the EC label (the leaf outlined by 12 white stars on a green background) already applied to all other organic products, along with the code number of the competent certifying body. Italy...

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All expectations were met at the 2012 Edition of the “Salon de l’Emballage”. Read the news: View the video Take a look at the interview with Ivano Rubano About Francesca BurattoFrancesca Buratto is Marketing Manager @ P.E. LabellersMail | More Posts...

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The Italian government has decreed: healthier soft drinks and fruit juices starting from January 1st, 2013

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Just a few more days and the producers of fruit-based soft drinks will have to give up the old production process. In fact, starting from January 1, 2013, the requirement established by the Monti administration, that provides for an increase in the minimum percentage of natural juice from 12% to 20%, will be enacted in order to make these soft drinks healthier and, at the same time, lend a hand to the agricultural sector. In Italy, less and less fruit is consumed, making way to fizzy and sweetened sodas, which ends up in increasing the number of cases of obesity. Year after year, we are increasingly approaching the American model with devastating consequences on health and on the Italian production chain. “Finally we say enough to orange sodas without oranges,” proudly stated the Coldiretti organisation “with additional fifty thousand...

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