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P.E. Labellers: 40 years together

advertising-pe-labellers-40-years-together-anniversaryApril 2014: P.E. Labellers celebrates 40 years of business. This is the payoff that appears in this period in the main magazines of the sector.

The double-page advertisement contains the most significant moments in the history of the only Italian company able to produce 100% of its machines in-house: R&D, part machining with quality control, carpentry, equipment production, specialisation by type of labelling, after-sales service. From the creation of the first cold adhesive linear labelling machine in the seventies to the current top of the line Modular 2320, an example of excellent made-in-Italy technology, many events have taken place. Quality is also a feature in the variety of services offered. You are born Italian … and then become international!

In these 40 years, P.E. Labellers has developed internationally, with 6 new locations to spread the all-Italian quality of its labelling machines worldwide.

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