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The Italian beverage sector is the highlight on the market and new technologies


The beverage industry in Italy is an ever changing market. Technological, economic and social changes that this environment has been subjected to over the years have led to the significant changes in sales and consumption data over the last few decades.

An example is the sale of soft drinks, which dropped sharply in the early years of the crisis, or even worse, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in our country, which literally collapsed over time, after reaching its peak in the 70s.

But every cloud has a silver lining.

In fact, these adverse sales data were reflected in the significant figures in the production of wine, which today sees Italy in first place, globally, and in export, with record sales in many countries, including the United States.

Great results, ironically obtained thanks to the modest domestic consumption that have led companies to engage in relentless competition. Today’s consumers of beverages, wine and spirits in particular, tend to drink less but opt for better quality. In terms of production, this resulted in companies needing to improve the efficiency of the production process in all its stages, avoiding errors or waste such as those arising from poor quality or machine downtime.

In terms of packaging, the quality improvements provided by new technologies also include the labelling. For example, more and more companies seek to preserve the quality and originality of their products by including multimedia content, information and other interactive elements via QR code so as to establish and improve the relationship with the consumer.

An authentic revolution for the packaging and design sectors, which many companies today consider the above aspects to be essential as they have given rise to an actual demand for coding equipment that can mark all kinds of data. An effective code can therefore become an integral part of the package design and not just be an added element that is required to transmit basic information.

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