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Beverage, technology and innovation


Drinktec 2013 has just come to an end, one of the most interesting events in the world of beverages: the main feature of the trade fair was technology.

Compactness and flexibility are the priorities of designers. The steady expansion of the packaging range and its variants requires increasingly automated solutions capable of applying the different types of labels precisely and making production changes using few employees and resources. It therefore requires servo-controlled processes and integrated inspection modules for quality control.

The hygienic design of process machines and packaging has continued to evolve, able to guarantee microbiological safety in addition to production efficiency : with easy-to-clean components that save water, detergent and energy.

As far as labelling, the highlight was self-adhesive labels which can be used to create prints, coatings and even the most varied laminations, resulting in products of great value. Or the no label look meaning the apparent absence of label obtained by the application of transparent labels.

There is growing demand for sleeves, a film that wraps around the container adapting to any shape. The modern film features greater resistance to stretching as well as a reduction in the consumption of materials.

Identification through radio frequency (RFID) still involves high costs but offers great potential for inventory, tracking and protection of brands and products. However, there is still no cost-effective solution for large volumes.