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It is now possible to earn an undergraduate degree in craft brewing


For about ten years now, craft beer production has been climbing steeply. It is increasingly more common to find the labels of independent micro-breweries offering consumers absolutely innovative recipes and production methods, on shelves in the supermarket and in pub and beer garden menus.

And there is a new development from America that will thrill many aspiring brewmasters: the undergraduate degree in craft brewing. You can now put up a diploma on proud display for the skill and requisites to brew your own beer.

The project began last February at the University of Vermont with an online business programme to earn a certificate. In the United States, there are now more than 4000 “craft breweries” in comparison to 1400 ten years ago.

A development opportunity in a continuously growing market, which the Portland State University of Oregon has decided to take on board. Here courses provide the possibility of internships at craft beer factories and distributors, in addition to complete training in terms of business strategy, marketing and sales management. Aspects which are often underestimated by producers who prefer dedicating their attention solely to creating recipes.

Italy is also trying to take advantage of this inviting market opportunity. In recent years, Italian craft beer has been one of the few industries that was not affected by the crisis and managed to grow steadily, earning a place in our University faculties as well.

The first Beer Research Centre opened last year at the University of Perugia. This facility promotes experimenting, analysing and training in the agri-food industry through specific studies on brewing technologies and raw materials.