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Beer and beauty: a combination destined to be successful

Anti-age and antioxidant, the famous drink with hops invades the cosmetics market

Not just tasty and thirst-quenching. Beer is a natural remedy for small health problems and a beauty secret known about for many years now. It can be used to alleviate tired feet, to give dry hair strength and shine, to soothe and soften facial skin. Hops are a powerful anti-bacterial and a valid antioxidant with several, different uses.

That is why the cosmetics market is showing more and more interest in the famous “blonde”. One of the first to believe and invest in beer used in aesthetics was Giuseppe Collesi. In Apecchio, on the Marche Apennines, he produces both craft beer bottles famous the world over and an exclusive line of cosmetics called “Sorgente di birra” (source of beer). Creams for face and body, tonics, soaps, sun creams and anti-age treatments based on beer must, hops, cereals, yeast. “It’s a very ambitious but concrete project  -Giuseppe Collesi explains – result of collaboration with the pharmacy faculty of Camerino University”.

The Marche company has sustained a three-year long research project which has produced 50 different preparations testing the products’ beneficial effects. Along with cosmetics, they have created 5 beer-based food supplements and 5 seasoners to be used in the kitchen. Production will start on all these items in spring 2018 and the cosmetics will be sold in pharmacies, herbalist shops, perfume shops and, naturally, the Apecchio factory. But the company is not stopping there. Along with the international market where ground is being prepared, they have a new project planned: a whisky made in Italy aged in oak.