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Refillable packaging: the packaging of the future

refillable-packaging-sustainable-pe-labellersRefillable packaging is sustainable and cost effective while reducing waste and production costs at the same time.

Public opinion considers packaging as one of the key factors in determining the impact that man has on the environment. Accordingly, businesses are exploring new solutions to propose sustainable, functional packaging that is also captivating. Several strategies are adopted: some businesses aim at reducing weights and volumes, others choose biopolymer packaging, which is undoubtedly eco-sustainable but not always cost effective.

The pioneers of “refillable packaging”, i.e. packaging that can be refilled once the product has been consumed, gave rise to the development of modern and environmentally friendly refill shops, where you take the same container and refill it with detergents, fabric softeners and other household products.

Refillable packaging can also be used for various products in the cosmetics industry, as long as formulation and packaging format are compatible: cartridges are undoubtedly one of the most versatile solutions and can be used for make-up and personal care products. At first, the consumer purchases packaging and product together and when the product is finished, he/she can replace it with a light plastic or bioplastic cartridge by introducing it inside the original product packaging, i.e. the container that dresses the cosmetic product bearing the company label. Another widespread solution that allows keeping a single component of the packaging is the pump dispenser bottle.

The list of solutions does not end here: the different refillable packaging formats will surely increase in the coming years thanks its low impact on the environment and because it allows businesses to cut overall production costs considerably.