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Italian cosmetics: a growing market


The Italian beauty products market undoubtedly represents one of the most positive surprises over the last two years. Indeed, market research confirms that many top Italian cosmetics manufacturers, are likely to report profits exceeding 2% at the end of 2015. A series of positive figures that match the considerable growth already recorded last year.

Namely, the companies part of the research’s sample completed 2014 with profits up by +2.5%, from 2.45bn to 2.51bn euros (source: Centro Studi Pambianco). As for the entire sector, the Italian National Association of Cosmetics Manufacturers reported an overall growth of its turnover by +0.8% from 9.4bn euros.

Therefore considering the country’s difficult economic phase, this is a period worth praising and mainly the result of streamlined consumer choices and new corporate strategies. The first of them being the high competitivity of Italian manufacturing also abroad. Indeed, exports represent the true extra asset for the sector’s development in future: as for many other Italian products, today the message ‘made in Italy’ alone on cosmetics’ labels is synonymous with the prestige and the quality of the goods. According to Cosmetica Italian president Fabio Rossello, growth during the current year is expected to reach as much as 8% (3.6bn euros).

The fourth-leading country in country in Europe in terms of cosmetics consumption, Italy is also the favourite destination of a number of many foreign cosmetics manufacturers. From the main European countries and the US, over the years these large multinationals have increased their investments in Italy and currently account for about 30% of the sector’s overall turnover.