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Cosmetics and health: new online guides for responsible consumption


Over the last few years the ingredients of cosmetics and the battle against counterfeiting are matters that are particularly key for consumer protection associations. In practice we all, especially women, use cosmetics almost on a daily basis often without knowing what they contain and the possible risks for our body of non-conforming products or in the event of allergies and intolerances.

Based on these preliminary considerations, the Italian Association of Cosmetics Manufacturers promoted and backed the creation of ABC Cosmetici, an online portal dedicated to correct information about the industry. The portal shows the various manufacturing procedures and there are experts providing detailed answers to the most common questions about cosmetics.

A new and detailed service for a campaign aiming to provide more information right from when we read the label of a product, an essential step for ABC itself. For instance think about the issue of counterfeiting: the risk of coming across an unsuitable item is always very high. Before obtaining the approval to be marketed, cosmetics and their relative ingredients undergo strict safety checks and the most effective way of making sure we do not apply potentially harmful substances on our body is to purchase products in authorised shops by checking everything on the leaflets and label.

And what about preservatives? ABC Cosmetici itself, on its website, debunks the myth according to which their effects only influence the integrity of the product. It also specifies that the quality is not determined by the amount of ingredients contained.