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There is a growing demand for packaged mineral water in the Russian market

pe-labellers-acqua-minerale-russa-1In Russia, the demand for the production of packaged mineral water rises, confirming a trend that is continually growing.

In the first half of 2013, the production volume was approximately 992 million  litres, 20% more than in 2012.

The increased demand for purified mineral water is linked to the desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle, reducing the consumption of carbonated drinks.

In addition, in large cities, the consumption of bottled water is mandatory in offices. It follows, therefore, that consumers are primarily companies based in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Even water delivery plays a special role and becomes a profitable business, since the costs for mineral water production are minimal and licences are not required.

These exciting developments in the market for packaged mineral water, confirm the interest and strong propensity towards the Russian market demonstrated by P.E. Labellers, a company specialising in the production of linear and rotary labelling machines, also present in Russia with a dedicated website: