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Contemporary packaging dresses aluminium

aluminium-packaging-pe-labellers-labelsFeaturing ductile and numerous qualities, aluminium is one of the most used materials to package an array of product categories.

Aluminium seems to be able to ride changing market trends and meet the unstable needs of a constantly evolving demand: it is one of the most used materials to package various product categories, from food to beverages, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, from personal care to homecare, etc.

But what are the features that make aluminium a valuable packaging material?

Being highly resistant, aluminium protects the outside of the packaging by protecting the content during transport and preserving it from elements such as oxygen and light, which may damage it. Its special versatility, flexibility and lightness make it suitable for a variety of uses and allow making packaging solutions ever more creative.

Nevertheless the first thing aluminium is associated with are traditional cans, today it is a product used for a wide range of packaging solutions: from the disposable ones for food, highly appraised being easy to dose and highly effective in preserving the nutritional values of the contents, to packaging for the pet food industry.