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Clearer labels for more informed consumers

23Print & Apply-PacklabThe European Commission is changing the rules for labels on food products packaged and sold inside the EU: the label must include all the ingredients.
The new rules on food safety and consumer protection are clear, consumers must know what they are buying.
The clarification originated from the discovery of horse meat in products which, according to the label, should have contained beef. The EU permits the sale of horse meat but it must be indicated on the packaging, just like any other ingredient.
The Commission will shortly present a series of proposals to best standardise sanctions in case of fraud in the supply chain.
An improvement in labelling is not needed as much to guarantee the safety of products available on the market (by law, in fact, manufacturers and retailers are required to sell only safe products), the objective is rather to allow consumers to make an informed choice on the products they buy and on how to consume them safely.
PACKLAB, a leader in the labelling sector has already presented innovative solutions, making printing and application systems available for product traceability.