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Food packaging evolves and takes on an important role

food-packaging-creative-labelingThe subject of ongoing studies aimed at ensuring the protection of the content and “conquering” the consumer from an aesthetic point of view, packaging in the food and beverage industry is faced with a three-year period characterised by a favourable development trend, according to the study published by Smithers Pira.

Food packaging is not only useful for preserving and storing food, providing protection from external agents, but it has become a real marketing tool: the “attractive look” obtained with the wise use of design and labelling, contributes to the success of the product on the market.

According to the published study, in the next 3 years, the market for food packaging for on-the-go or disposable use and prepared meals, will grow by 2.4%. The types of packaging to be used most, are packets and “eco” bags along with plastic bottles and glass containers; these are followed by plastic film and trays.