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Strong growth for natural make-up, as confirmed at Expo


The craze for natural make-up. Years go by and Italians’ toiletries case is becoming increasingly eco-friendly, as confirmed by a study by Cosmetica Italia, the Italian association of firms operating in the sector, presented a few weeks ago at Expo’s Biodiversity Park. Statistics show a 2.4% growth in 2014 and a value close to 420m euros, which clearly shows that consumers are turning towards eco-friendly make-up.

But what’s special about organic make-up? This new segment of products, created with both the environment and people’s safety in mind, is made according to the rules applying to the whole supply chain in the cosmetics sector: from the formulation of the ingredients (like plant-based or mineral ones) up to production.

This new market led to the entry in the cosmetics world of various certification bodies, each with its own set of rules defining the criteria of the natural and organic nature of the make-up traded. These parameters can be easily read on the labels of the various products: in general, cosmetics are not considered organic if the label mentions the use of pesticides, artificial colouring agents, raw materials of animal origin and GMOs.

Moreover, the conference at Milan’s Universal Exhibition called “Green cosmetics: global trends and domestic market” discussed the various reasons that lead consumers to choose natural cosmetic products.  The first of them being the importance of the sales assistant and the attention placed on the products’ ingredients. Plus, the latter highlight the growing spread of a true environmental awareness even outside the aesthetic world and insist on specific environmentally friendly concepts.