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Future Food District: rethinking purchase methods


The Future Food District is one of the thematic areas of the 2015 Expo in Milan. In this area visitors will learn about how food will be produced, distributed, prepared and eaten in future.

This is the vision of the 2015 Expo: supermarkets will be divided on two floors, on the ground floor everything will be automated and this is where all the items will be gathered and ordered. The floor above will be instead devoted to the actual shopping and will be designed as a trading area, like an old market, though it will be enhanced with new technologies.

Interactive tables, big screens to view the products even from a distance, motion sensors to guide visitors and ‘augmented’ labels that can provide information relating to the origin and history of the products.

Outside the supermarket there will be a large square with areas to relax and innovative cultivation systems.

The Future Food District has redesigned the food supply chain and created a different and self-sustainable supply chain supported by new technologies and a new way of reading product labels, which are no longer limited to the available space on the packaging, but ‘augmented’ thanks to the internet, tablet computers and mobile phones.