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High quality ice cream – this is how to recognise it


Whether it is in a crunchy waffle cone or a colourful cup, ice cream is always a must for those who love to enjoy a fresh and tasty snack. It is even better if the product is artisan made using natural methods and prime raw materials without adding preservatives or colouring.

Unfortunately, however, the offer is not always synonymous with taste and authenticity. Therefore, how can you recognise a high quality artisan made ice cream?

At first glance, you can already distinguish different characteristics of the product and its seller. Naturally, the colour of all of them: when the colours of the various flavours are too flashy, it is easy to see an abundant use of colouring for preparation.

Other elements that must immediately attract our attention are, undoubtedly, the type and amount of flavours available. When an ice cream shop offers many flavours that are always the same with no seasonal changes, it raises a doubt that they can be made by using semi-processed and lyophilized products.

With regard to communication with the customer, ice cream shops very often misuse labels such as “artisan” or “natural”, which are attributed to their products without any checks. Therefore, the only way to obtain reliable information regarding the ice cream being eaten is to consult the allergens technical sheet and list of ingredients. Two confirmations that can never be missing in the shop.

There are many good ice creams available, however, you have to know how to recognise them. Just like any other type of artisan activity, the shadow of marketing and industrialised products is always around the corner. However, if the customer wants to be informed and compare various products on the market, this threat can be easily warded off.