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The beneficial effects of resveratrol on the memory


The beneficial effects of resveratrol (phenol obtained from grape skin) on a cardiovascular level is well-known, however, a recent study by German researchers, which was published in the “Journal of Neuroscience” has shown how it can enhance memory performance in adults.

A total of 46 healthy adults were chosen, 23 were subjected to a cycle of 200mg per day of resveratrol for 26 weeks and the other 23 were given a placebo.

Before and after this period, the volunteers underwent a memory and neuroimaging test to confirm hippocampus activity.

A significant effect of resveratrol was noted on the retention of words for more than 30 minutes, and also led to a significant increase in functional connectivity of the hippocampus and decrease in the glycated haemoglobin compared to the group that was administered the placebo.

This provides concrete evidence that the effects of resveratrol enhance memory performance in adults: this will undoubtedly please wine producers who will have an additional advantage on which to rely on to obtain customers.