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In 2017, the global demand for packaging machinery will amount to 41.8 billion dollars!

labeling-machines-for-packaging-pe-labellersThe growth in global demand for packaging machinery is rising at an annual rate of 4.6 percent and expected to reach 41.8 billion dollars in 2017: this is according to a study presented by “Freedonia Group Inc.”, a market research firm based in Cleveland, in the World Packaging Machinery document.

Labelling will increase quickly in value due to the increasing growth in the need for safety within the supply chain of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors.

The best opportunities for growth will be offered by the emerging markets. Demand in the Asia / Pacific region will grow by 5.7 percent per year, driven by the sizeable domestic markets in India and China which together account for 21 percent of the global demand for packaging machinery.

Central and South America, although having a much smaller base, will show a positive trend in the sale of food & beverage machinery mainly due to rising incomes and the increasingly sustained need for boxed and safe medicinal products.

Currently the United States, where P.E. Labellers has been present since 1979, represents the largest national market for packaging equipment, although by 2017 it will be surpassed by the Chinese market which is growing faster.