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Help a Dane, the ironic video against melanoma

A funny and yet serious video. A nice and ironic way to draw attention to serious diseases due to excessive exposure to the sun. The campaign launched by the Danish Cancer Society, a non-governmental organisation against the increase of skin cancers, is called “Help a Dane”. In a population with a particularly fair complexion and delicate skin, a simple burn can be harmful or even dangerous.

In the video, an elegant speaker sitting at a wooden desk, where one can see the Italian and Danish flags, asks Italians to remind Danish citizens of sun protection with sunscreen, hats or umbrellas “…teach us to be more like you, remind us that every minute counts under the Italian sun when we are on your huge beaches, your beautiful squares or the terraces of your pizzerias”. As the camera zooms out, it portrays some 20 Danes in their swimming costumes or underwear featuring, with a sad and worried look, the inevitable signs of sunburn on their skin: shorts, eyeglasses and shirts almost painted in white on a fiery red background.

Indeed, every year a lot of Danes choose Italy as a destination for their summer holidays. Indeed, Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations along with Spain and Greece, for which different versions of the same video have been created.