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The benefits of beer that (maybe) you weren’t aware of!


Taste, freshness and also some unexpected benefits for your body. New research conducted by the University of California, Davis, has indeed shown that moderate and responsible consumption of beer can be beneficial for our health. Led by Dr. Charles Bamforth, who specialises in food and beverages, the team of researchers analysed the content of the minerals inside the classic pale ale.

The results of the studies have lead to the discovery and confirmation of the following benefits for health:

Prevention – The silicon contained in beer can reduce aluminium levels in our digestive system, thereby slowing down the accumulation of metal in our body and in brain tissue. The content of the ale also ensures flexible arteries, as well as increasing the levels of HDL, good cholesterol.

Vitamins and amino acids – Beer contains a number of super nutrients and a large number of amino acids, along with many substances that can strengthen our bones and our health in general. Indeed, a pint contains phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamin B.

Keeps you fit – Let’s debunk the “beer belly” myth once and for all. This is a side effect entirely associated with excessive consumption of the drink. The bitter taste of beer is first of all due to its low content in terms of sugar, which is instead contained in most soft drinks available on the market. Moreover, there is no evidence that moderate consumption of beer leads to an increase of our fat mass.

Hormonal balance – A unique feature of hops is the fact of containing phytoestrogens, which are substances that help mitigate the typical symptoms of menopause, such as sudden bursts of heat, as well as re-balancing hormones in the case of a polycystic ovarian syndrome,   endometriosis and perimenopause.

Aesthetic properties – Beer’s barley is rich in ferulic acid, a strong antioxidant that helps protect skin from sun rays. Plus, its high silicon content helps strengthen hair with special beer compresses, where the beer is boiled to remove its alcohol content.