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The consumer of the future: aware and informed.

pe-labelling-innovationOn the 13th of December, the face of food products changed completely throughout the entire European Union: this is due to the enforcement of Regulation 1169 on the new labelling that includes, among other things, the production site.

The adaptation of Italian companies to the regulation is proceeding randomly and has forced producers to redesign thousands of labels. Among the new features, in addition to the “where”, the “how” is also important: consumers should be informed not only about the production site, but also about how the goods are produced, meaning quality, inspections, environmental impacts and ensuring ethics throughout the entire supply chain.

Another innovation is the inclusion of allergenic ingredients. In this case, however, since there are no specific obligations to minimise the contamination of facilities and of production lines, it does not solve the problem associated with the use of the words “may contain”, which greatly reduces the food choices of those who suffer from allergies.

All these changes and information added to the label outline a pretty clear scenario on how the supermarket of the future will appear, a place where citizens will know all there is behind a product: origins, processing, quality.

An interactive environment where transparency and traceability will represent the mainstream, ensuring that consumers are highly aware and able to choose products based on their calorie content, origin or other characteristics.