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The Italian government has decreed: healthier soft drinks and fruit juices starting from January 1st, 2013

Just a few more days and the producers of fruit-based soft drinks will have to give up the old production process. In fact, starting from January 1, 2013, the requirement established by the Monti administration, that provides for an increase in the minimum percentage of natural juice from 12% to 20%, will be enacted in order to make these soft drinks healthier and, at the same time, lend a hand to the agricultural sector.

In Italy, less and less fruit is consumed, making way to fizzy and sweetened sodas, which ends up in increasing the number of cases of obesity. Year after year, we are increasingly approaching the American model with devastating consequences on health and on the Italian production chain.

“Finally we say enough to orange sodas without oranges,” proudly stated the Coldiretti organisation “with additional fifty thousand kilos of vitamin C per year against the flu that will be drunk by 23 million Italians who consume soft drinks, thanks to the increase of the minimum content of fruit provided for in the new standard.”