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Italian beer conquers the market

Microbreweries and brewpubs are increasingly on the rise. Even starred chefs have inserted a bear menu

In just a few years, less than 15, Italian craft beer has managed to win over consumers’ palate. Until recently, to be able to find a decent beer you needed to look for a Belgian pale ale or red ale in the rare pubs managed by expert landlords with a passion for their job. Now instead new breweries are opening in all towns, there is growing attention from producers and Italian beer competes with beer made in countries with a far older and long-standing tradition. Craft beer brands are now making their way in the wine menus of renowned restaurants, wine cellars and wine bars. Even tastings, cultural courses, big national or international events are held. Also foreign media are turning the limelight on Italy and its craft beers, praising their great achievements.

Leading regions for the number of production plants are Lombardy and Piedmont, but microbreweries are the most interesting phenomenon in the sector. Over nine years, the number has tripled and today we have 550 small businesses that in 2016 produced over 15 million hectolitres of beer.

By taking into account the product catalogue, one notes that most of these small plants prefer the bottle version for all beers and that 21% avoid even putting them in casks, to the cost of not being included among draft beers of pubs. This is done to have their own brand, their own label and take full advantage of the communicative force.

Just over ten years after the birth of the craft beer movement, we can speak of a product 100% made in Italy that is constantly growing and always looking for new opportunities.