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Rome’s beer is made by five young men


The project, an honest friendship and lots of initiative. Perhaps even a hint of madness, as much as needed to set up an artisanal brewery in the far outskirts of Rome.  Maurizio, Giacomo, Enzo, Simone and Alessandro, after having worked for a long time in the best pubs in Rome, decided to produce beer that meets the taste they have refined over the years. The area they chose to fulfil this dream was near the building known as the “Serpentone” in the Corviale district, in the countryside between via Portuense and the Pisana district.

The first step, in 2013, was to set up a beer firm, that is a brewery without its own production plant, exploiting the machinery of better-equipped colleagues but using their own recipes. It was not long before industry critics and beer enthusiasts noticed these new products, which are indeed original, high-quality creations. They received numerous awards and acknowledgements and decided to carry on by purchasing the current production plant in Via del Ponte Pisano 84. Under the name Eternal City Brewing, the firm began producing two fermented beers and, today, it produces five of them. With 6,000 bottles produced per month, it is now the leading brewery in the outskirts of Rome.

“We picked a name that has a special meaning – the founders explain – since it recalls the myth of the eternal city and encourages us to live up to it every day. The goal that E.C.B. has set for itself is to produce quality beer, pouring all our hard work and passion into everyone’s glass.”

“Our goal – explains Giacomo, one of the partners – has always been to be acknowledged as Rome’s brewery.”

This is why the beers are called Urbe, Lupa, Tiber and Bulla and their labels narrate the history of the city.

An English/American style, strong tastes and distinctive aromas, but also references to the Belgian brewing tradition. One of the best products is Urbe, which received the “Grande birra” award by Birre d’Italia 2017 of Slow Food and ranked third in the American and India Pale Ale category in the contest organised by the cultural association Unionbirrai.

Inside the building there is also a small tap room, an informal and cosy environment where you can try some draught beers and chat with the brewmaster Maurizio. It is an opportunity to taste excellent beer at the price of €3.50 and purchase the exceptional product of this brewery on site. Future projects? Opening a small restaurant in order to use malts and hops even in dishes.