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Tradition meets innovation: from Italy wine-flavoured beer


Among the many drinks available on the market, beer is certainly the best-suited one for experimenting and creating new drinks to stir up the market: while reading the various labels on supermarket shelves we might indeed come across spiced beer, beer converted into sparkling wine, shandy and a number of other unusual variants.

The latest creation comes from Italy, where Moncaro, a company based in Le Marche region, designed a new, original drink: it’s called Kikka and it’s the first wine-flavoured craft beer. An appealing product, albeit still a niche one, stemming from the desire to combine the growing phenomenon of craft beer with the long-standing wine tradition of the Marche region, renowned its production of Verdicchio, Piceno and Conero, where over recent years the production of barley has become increasingly popular. Besides, mixing beer with wine has been a typical local peasant tradition for years.

Kikka is an unpasteurized ale that contains almost exclusively ingredients from the Marche region, except for the hops. After fermenting for almost two months in an autoclave, this light ale is mixed with the famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, a white DOC wine with a slightly bitter aftertaste, and is then left to ferment again in a bottle for about 15 days. Mainly enjoyed as an aperitif, it goes well with starters and fish-based first courses, though also cheese and meat dishes.

Still at an experimental stage, wine-flavoured beer is gradually gaining ground in supermarkets with the aim of creating a new, attractive alternative of one of the best-selling drinks in the world.