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Labelling: how much does it influence the product’s visibility?


The annual conference of Finat (international trade association for self-adhesive labels and associated sectors) was held last June in Monte Carlo, which was dedicated to the “struggle for visibility on the shelf”.

The importance of the appearance of a product and its label has transpired from this event. The key to success lies in guaranteeing impact and visibility to products in various sectors, from supermarkets to bars and clubs.

Today, consumers only spend an average of 20 minutes in a supermarket. This is why it is essential for the product to succeed in being noticed from the shelf.

Rick Olthof, who takes care of brand strategies at the company Cartils, has identified 5 pillars that define brand success: the shape of the product that defines its character, the colour that stirs emotions, authenticity, authority, and prestige obtained by means of package finishing and its recognition.

The performance of the French sector was also discussed during the conference regarding the self-adhesive labels, which noted a significant increase in sales with regard to label transformers thanks to the need to be distinguished, innovative, and to export to other regions.