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Rome’s beer is made by five young men

Posted by on Tuesday April 11th, 2017 in Beverage | 0 comments

The project, an honest friendship and lots of initiative. Perhaps even a hint of madness, as much as needed to set up an artisanal brewery in the far outskirts of Rome.  Maurizio, Giacomo, Enzo, Simone and Alessandro, after having worked for a long time in the best pubs in Rome, decided to produce beer that meets the taste they have refined over the years. The area they chose to fulfil this dream was near the building known as the “Serpentone” in the Corviale district, in the countryside between via Portuense and the Pisana district. The first step, in 2013, was to set up a beer firm, that is a brewery without its own production plant, exploiting the machinery of better-equipped colleagues but using their own recipes. It was not long before industry critics and beer enthusiasts noticed these new...

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Beer exports at full speed in Italy: the industry is up by 144%

Posted by on Tuesday March 21st, 2017 in Beverage | 0 comments

The craze for Italian-made manufacturing: now Italian craft beer is trying to position itself in Europe as well. Beer Attraction, the international event organised by the Italian Exhibition Group with the support of Italgrob and in partnership with Unionbirrai and FIC, just came to an end. It was held in Rimini and dedicated to beer specialities, craft beers, technology and raw materials. This was a very successful third edition with truly impressive figures: 20.685 visits (+42% compared to 2016), 430 exhibitors (+23%), 600 business meetings (300 last year) with high-profile buyers from 15 different countries, 90 events (including contests, seminars, competitions such as Beer of the year of Unionbirrai and the FIC Italian cooking championships, cooking shows, technical workshops), 184 journalists and bloggers – both from Italy and abroad – supported by an extraordinary visibility on mainstream media and...

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At full speed: Assobirra’s report on consumption and imports/exports in 2015.

Posted by on Thursday November 3rd, 2016 in Beverage | 0 comments

Whether demand has been favoured by the hot summer or the first – albeit slow – hints of economic recovery, Assobirra’s report shows an incredible recovery of beer consumption in Italy: 18,726,000 litres consumed in 2015 against 17,755,000 litres in 2014, for a total of nearly one million litres more. As for per head consumption, 2007 was a record year with 31.1 litres, a value which was never reached again although an increase was recorded in 2015 compared to 2014, passing from 29.2 to 30.8 litres. Compared to the European landscape, Italy and France are at the bottom of the consumption ranking among EU countries, without being able to reach even half of the average consumption value (nearly 70 litres). In 2015, despite a feeble hint of economic recovery, Italians confirmed their tendency to save money by mainly consuming...

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Craft beer law approved: all the rules and requirements

Posted by on Tuesday October 11th, 2016 in Beverage | 0 comments

After a long wait, the Italian Senate finally officially determined the characteristics and the basic requirements of “craft” beer. According to bill S 1328-B, craft beer is “produced in small independent breweries and not subjected to pasteurisation and microfiltration processes during production“. This is an important turning point for the history of craft breweries in Italy, finally recognised and protected by the State both in terms of production and fiscal treatment: indeed, until very recently, the law did not make any distinction between micro breweries and large industrial plants, imposing almost identical tax regimes. This is also why article 35 goes on to specify the conditions for an independent small brewery to be defined as such, i.e. “a legally and economically independent business that employs physically separate facilities from the ones of any other brewery, that does not operate...

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Beer offers an effective mixture against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Posted by on Tuesday June 14th, 2016 in Beverage | 0 comments

The beneficial effects of wine and also interesting news from research labs for those keen on beer, too. Lagers, stouts, strong beers… which is your favourite one, you can now count on a new ally for your health: hops. According to a Chinese study of Lanzhou University, people who drink beer responsibly and on a regular basis can prevent the progress of neurological diseases. This is thanks to a compound contained in the hops and called xanthohumol, which is thought to be able to protect and strengthen brain cells. The research was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The team of researchers led by Jianguo Fang decided to undertake an in-depth analysis on xanthohumol’s potential: from its anti-oxidant power to the beneficial properties for the cardiovascular system, up to its effects against cancer. The team of...

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It is now possible to earn an undergraduate degree in craft brewing

Posted by on Monday May 23rd, 2016 in Beverage, News | 0 comments

For about ten years now, craft beer production has been climbing steeply. It is increasingly more common to find the labels of independent micro-breweries offering consumers absolutely innovative recipes and production methods, on shelves in the supermarket and in pub and beer garden menus. And there is a new development from America that will thrill many aspiring brewmasters: the undergraduate degree in craft brewing. You can now put up a diploma on proud display for the skill and requisites to brew your own beer. The project began last February at the University of Vermont with an online business programme to earn a certificate. In the United States, there are now more than 4000 “craft breweries” in comparison to 1400 ten years ago. A development opportunity in a continuously growing market, which the Portland State University of Oregon has decided...

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