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No more food waste, Italians are doing everything they can.

Posted by on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 in Food | 0 comments

Since the Senate finally approved the law to limit food waste, things have definitely improved: more than half of the Italian population has reduced or eliminated food waste, according to a survey carried out by Coldiretti, highlighting that 6 Italians out of 10 are more careful and aware of the issue. Despite this, the problem remains relevant as food thrown away still amounts to 65 kilos per person per year. Domestic waste, representing 54% of the total domestic waste, must then be added to waste in restaurants, in commercial distribution, agriculture and processing. Indeed, just over one Italian out of three brings back a doggy bag from the restaurant, while 22% believe it is rude or are ashamed to ask. This is why the Family bag, a basket with an attractive packaging, was presented in Padua. The information on...

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Anti-waste packaging exists and is made in Italy

Posted by on Tuesday March 7th, 2017 in Food | 0 comments

On the occasion of Macfrut, the trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, held in September 2016 in Rimini, Bestack filed a patent developed with the University of Bologna for active packaging that limits food waste. Bestack, a non-profit consortium that gathers Italian manufacturers of corrugated cardboard packaging for fruit and vegetables, developed this innovative project in cooperation with the national consortium Comieco after having analysed research conducted by the University of Bologna, which highlights the extent to which the use of innovative packaging can affect food waste: the new cardboard packaging designed by Bestack will further reduce waste, saving about one billion euro every 850,000 tonnes of product, which is equivalent to 10% of the fruit and vegetables consumed in a year in Italy. It has been proven that “Corrugated cardboard packaging ensures a higher level of...

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Food to become more sustainable in 2017

Posted by on Tuesday February 7th, 2017 in Food | 0 comments

As anticipated by Organic Monitor, the trend of sustainable food for 2017 is quite clear: the sales of organic food products have been rising steadily and new eco-labels are increasingly in demand, as well as green packaging. Companies in the industry are now more and more in favour of sustainable procurement and support the fight against waste. The highest sales margins in the field of organic food are expected in North America and Northern Europe, yet supply shortages are feared due to the slowdown in the development of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming. With regard to eco-labelling, but also fair trade, which is likely to maintain its position as the second largest eco-label for food products, we can expect a widespread use of new labels and standards for ethical trade. In the raw material supply chains, investments in...

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Eco-friendly packaging – “green” is in vogue.

Posted by on Tuesday January 31st, 2017 in Food | 0 comments

Consumer awareness about increasingly topical environmental and green issues is leading companies to study alternatives to plastic for its packaging. The packaging market is constantly changing and its value is expected to go from 132.4 bn dollars in 2014 to 203.1 bn in 2021. Consumers play a critical role in this change, as the conviction that environmentally sustainable packaging is more suitable to store products, as well as being better for the environment, is leading to a growing consumption of items that favour minimal and easily recyclable packaging. In terms of waste, you must have certainly happened to find yourself with the need to dispose of large amounts of plastic or cardboard, after opening the packaging of a product, and thinking that it was a huge slap in the face of ecology! The commitment of individuals is supported by...

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High quality ice cream – this is how to recognise it

Posted by on Monday July 25th, 2016 in Food, News | 0 comments

Whether it is in a crunchy waffle cone or a colourful cup, ice cream is always a must for those who love to enjoy a fresh and tasty snack. It is even better if the product is artisan made using natural methods and prime raw materials without adding preservatives or colouring. Unfortunately, however, the offer is not always synonymous with taste and authenticity. Therefore, how can you recognise a high quality artisan made ice cream? At first glance, you can already distinguish different characteristics of the product and its seller. Naturally, the colour of all of them: when the colours of the various flavours are too flashy, it is easy to see an abundant use of colouring for preparation. Other elements that must immediately attract our attention are, undoubtedly, the type and amount of flavours available. When an ice...

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Fake extra virgin olive oil: all you need to know

Posted by on Thursday July 14th, 2016 in Food, News | 0 comments

The very high fines issued by the Anti-trust to some well-known brands in the last few days, together with the legal investigation opened six months ago by the public prosecutor’s office in Turin against seven Italian companies, have focused the magnifying glass on the delicate issue concerning fake extra virgin olive oil. The investigations and the subsequent measures were initiated by the investigators based on reports published in a specialist magazine that is responsible for testing food products that are for sale in order to protect consumers. The experiment consisted of analysing a sample of 20 bottles of extra virgin olive oil found on the market: once the regular tests were performed by the relevant Authorities, the content of 9 bottles was found to be different from that stated on the label, hence they were fake. But how does...

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