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Narrative label: when a food’s story is more effective than tasting it

Posted by on Wednesday July 6th, 2016 in Food, News | 0 comments

There is a label can tell us all that there is to know about a product in a simple and informal way. It’s called a Narrative label, a special initiative promoted by Slow Food with the aim of ensuring transparency and constant synergy between producers and consumers of various food products. What does the project involve? Slow Food offers a special label that does not replace the one required by law, but is placed next to it. Along with the information reported in line with legal requirements, the origin, farming type and technique, food pairings, aspects relating to the local area and anything else can help us understand the various stages of the supply chain of food will be reported in a simple and straightforward manner. Indeed, to assess the quality of food or beverages, chemical or physical tests...

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Oil 2015: a memorable harvest, though mind frauds

Posted by on Tuesday December 15th, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

Winter is on our doorstep and we have now reached at the long-awaited moment of having to examine this year’s olive harvest. After the disastrous 2014 harvest, when the infestation of the oil fly caused unprecedented damage to local plantations, olive growers can finally feel relieved. Indeed, according to statistics, 2015 has been a year of great results for oil in terms of quantity, though also, and more importantly, in terms of quality. In this counterattack of the olive sector, an essential role was played first and foremost by favourable climatic conditions which as mentioned significantly limited the attacks of the olive fly and the resulting use of pesticides on affected plants. So a memorable harvest for Italian oil, the most nutritious and finest of the country’s seasonings. An authentic excellence among Italian products, though even in the best...

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The new transparent labels for pork and mutton

Posted by on Tuesday October 13th, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

After beef, now pork, lamb, goat and bird meat now have their own identity card. Indeed, given the new EU regulation on food labelling, packaging not reporting a series of mandatory information cannot be traded across the whole of the EU. Implementing regulation Reg.1337/2013 is in force since 1 April 2015 and is part of the large normative revolution carried out for food labels (Reg. 1169/2011), whose requirements apply to fresh, refrigerated or frozen pork, mutton or goat and bird meat. What is the mandatory information that needs to appear on the new labels? For some time now the following parameters have been reported on packaging of any kind of meat: “Bred in … ” followed by the name of the Member State or third country , and “Slaughtered in … ” , which is also followed by the...

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Chemical ingredients soon banned from food and drink

Posted by on Tuesday July 7th, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

If even the retail giants and multinational corporations take a step back, it means that the way forward is clear. Faced with consumers becoming increasingly experienced and less naive, large food companies have had to adapt. Pepsi was the first one to do this: despite scientific evidence consider its use safe, the beverage giant has decided to give up sweetener. From August bottles and cans will be sweetener-free, i.e. without aspartame, the chemical that according to market analysts is the main responsible for the fall in sales of soft and diet drinks. The trend is now clear. Kraft wants to eliminate chemical colouring from many products, on suspicion of causing a significant attention deficit in children. Nestlè will no longer use artificial flavourings and colourings for its chocolate bars, while General Mills has said no to GMOs. The social...

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Future Food District: rethinking purchase methods

Posted by on Wednesday May 13th, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

The Future Food District is one of the thematic areas of the 2015 Expo in Milan. In this area visitors will learn about how food will be produced, distributed, prepared and eaten in future. This is the vision of the 2015 Expo: supermarkets will be divided on two floors, on the ground floor everything will be automated and this is where all the items will be gathered and ordered. The floor above will be instead devoted to the actual shopping and will be designed as a trading area, like an old market, though it will be enhanced with new technologies. Interactive tables, big screens to view the products even from a distance, motion sensors to guide visitors and ‘augmented’ labels that can provide information relating to the origin and history of the products. Outside the supermarket there will be...

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The consumer of the future: aware and informed.

Posted by on Saturday May 2nd, 2015 in Food | 0 comments

On the 13th of December, the face of food products changed completely throughout the entire European Union: this is due to the enforcement of Regulation 1169 on the new labelling that includes, among other things, the production site. The adaptation of Italian companies to the regulation is proceeding randomly and has forced producers to redesign thousands of labels. Among the new features, in addition to the “where”, the “how” is also important: consumers should be informed not only about the production site, but also about how the goods are produced, meaning quality, inspections, environmental impacts and ensuring ethics throughout the entire supply chain. Another innovation is the inclusion of allergenic ingredients. In this case, however, since there are no specific obligations to minimise the contamination of facilities and of production lines, it does not solve the problem associated with...

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