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The “less is more” formula applied to cosmetics

Posted by on Tuesday December 5th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

The extra value of certified natural products What elements does a cosmetic product need to have or not have to be considered “eco-friendly”? And what information does it need to have on the label to recognise it? The market of lotions, soaps, detergents, toners is quick and steadily on the rise. As is the attention towards certifications that guarantee their quality or, at least, safety in terms of health. First thing, it is important to highlight that products regarded as eco-friendly must not contain pesticides, artificial colourants, raw materials of animal origin or OGMs in their formula. There is a limited number of active ingredients and the plants must grow in an environment protected from contaminants or harmful substances that might contaminate them. On the labels we can find the “kosher”, “nickel-free” and “gluten-free” symbols in fuchsia, while “vegan”,...

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At your service in high summer as well

Posted by on Tuesday August 8th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

We will only stop for a break in mid-August (14 and 15 August). On all the other days, we will be entirely at your service, as usual. Our offices will remain open throughout the month of August and our staff will be at hand to pick up and meet any requests. This way, we will ensure the customer care and efficiency of P.E. Labellers in high summer as well, avoiding any kind of inconvenience. Special attention we want to ensure to all those who decide to choose our company. For information you can always get in touch at or for specific assistance at In the meantime, we’re looking ahead and getting ready for Drinktec 2017, one of the most renowned and relevant trade fairs in the beverages and liquid food sector. It will be held in Munich...

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Drought alarm: our vineyards are still healthy, but how long will they last?

Posted by on Wednesday August 2nd, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

The last month will be crucial to determine the quality of the vintage Heat and sweltering weather can be good for vines: the roots go deep down into the soil to look for nutrition and mineral salts, and the wines become more complex. But a summer without rain has other consequences as well.  2017 will be remembered for being incredibly precautious, as, if the trend of recent weeks is to be confirmed, the grape harvest might be anticipated by ten days compared to the average period. Varieties of grapes that focus on freshness and acidity will be harvested even before mid-August. However, issues will not be related to the quality of the vineyard, which is in very good state, but to a drop in production that might reach 30%. According to the University of Padua, the greatest difficulties will...

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They protect our skin, but endanger coral reefs

Posted by on Tuesday July 4th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

Hawaii wants to ban sunscreen for tourists No more sunscreen on white Hawaiian beaches. The proposal was put forward by Senator Will Espero, a native of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, who brought a bill before the United States Congress to prohibit tourists from using products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate (octyl methoxycinnamate) in the sea. These two filters are used to protect the skin from UV rays, but could severely alter the delicate balance of the sea and of tropical coral reefs. This theory is based on the results of scientific research conducted by Craig Downs of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory in Clifford (Virginia, USA), which was published in 2016. The tests conducted showed that the concentration of these two substances (oxybenzone and octinoxate) in the clear waters of the archipelago is 10 times higher than the...

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Tips for choosing make-up

Posted by on Tuesday June 20th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

How to learn to read the labels of cosmetics Conscious consumption not only for food products but also for creams and cosmetics. There are many ways to find out more information on products and their ingredients, but perhaps the most complete and quickest way is reading the label. In fact, by law, each package must bear information that can be useful to consumers. Chemicals such as silicones, parabens, aluminium and fragrances can still be found in many cosmetics and make-up. Although organic products are highly in demand, leading brands still prefer to use synthetic substances, which are cheaper and ensure a better performance and an almost instant effect on the skin. Not all chemicals are harmful or ought to be demonised. They are certainly quite different from totally natural ones, which, however, come in different categories. There are ecological...

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Not just organic food. Now there are organic cosmetics as well

Posted by on Thursday June 1st, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

Natural and very effective body care products or make-up Natural and organic cosmetics are drawing the interest of an increasingly wider audience. Those approaching the organic world are doing so with their health in mind, as well as the environment. Attention is certainly first placed on food, on what we eat. The second step is related to changing habits in everyday choices. In Italy, the organic trend is constantly on the rise in various sectors, including cosmetics. With a 4.3bn turnover in 2016, Italy is the seventh-largest market in the world. But what are organic cosmetic products? What makes them different from other products? For one thing, organic products cannot contain raw materials of animal origin or GMOs. Plus, they are not tested on animals and ionising radiations are not allowed either. To be sure the product you are...

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