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Help a Dane, the ironic video against melanoma

Posted by on Tuesday May 30th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

A funny and yet serious video. A nice and ironic way to draw attention to serious diseases due to excessive exposure to the sun. The campaign launched by the Danish Cancer Society, a non-governmental organisation against the increase of skin cancers, is called “Help a Dane”. In a population with a particularly fair complexion and delicate skin, a simple burn can be harmful or even dangerous. In the video, an elegant speaker sitting at a wooden desk, where one can see the Italian and Danish flags, asks Italians to remind Danish citizens of sun protection with sunscreen, hats or umbrellas “…teach us to be more like you, remind us that every minute counts under the Italian sun when we are on your huge beaches, your beautiful squares or the terraces of your pizzerias”. As the camera zooms out, it...

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Ethical labels and prime green materials

Posted by on Tuesday May 9th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

Here are the 2017 Organic Monitor forecasts for sustainable cosmetics Once again this year Organic Monitor, the UK company specialising in market research, consultancy and training, issued its forecasts on sustainable cosmetics, as it did last year. There are a number of items and categories examined:   Eco-friendly organic cosmetics – they will keep on reporting strong growth on global markets. The fight against greenwashing, the misleading communication strategy on sustainability, will continue.  Ethical labels – the number of ethical labels that, as for the food industry, will further focus on “free from..” will increase. More “gluten-free” and “GMO-free” labels are expected on product packaging, like the traditional “paraben-free”, “silicon-free” and “SLS-free” ones.  Green certification schemes – “natural” and “organic” certification schemes will remain the most important ones for green cosmetics, even though fragmentation will continue. Sustainable packaging – cosmetics and...

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Counterfeit wool jumpers. A total of 15 tons of acrylic and 200,000 labels have been confiscated

Posted by on Tuesday March 14th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

The label said “wool”, but lab tests revealed the fraud. Big seizure by the Italian Financial Police: over 15 tons of acrylic yarn intended for the packaging of false wool jumpers between Turin and Prato. The operation started in some shops in Turin managed by entrepreneurs of Chinese origin. After sending some samples to the BuzziLab chemical laboratory in Prato and establishing the non-compliance with the label, the Italian Financial Police tracked down the supplier of the garments. Investigations led to the Macrolotto area in Prato, also known as Chinatown. Along with tons of acrylic yarn, they seized 15 machines and more than 200,000 labels and tags with false indications about the merchandise. The offence is “sale of products with misleading signs” and there is no doubt that this is a scam for those who buy them. Consumer protection...

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Freezing weather: the right cosmetics for perfect skin.

Posted by on Thursday January 19th, 2017 in No food | 0 comments

If it is true that low temperatures have a toning effect that “keeps us looking young”, it is also common knowledge that exposing our skin to the cold weather without proper precautions can cause redness, cracked skin and other annoying blemishes. When skin redness is the result of the expansion or rupture of small capillaries, resorting to the use of cosmetics is unfortunately no longer enough, since this could be a case of couperose or rosacea, a disease requiring dermatological evaluation. To reduce simple skin redness, instead, we suggest using cosmetic formulations with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, such as calendula, chamomile, aloe…or specific make-up: the perfect concealer to counteract redness is a green one. In order to fight dehydration and cracked skin, the most suitable creams are rich and nourishing ones, but remember to check the labels: formulations containing...

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Food infections during the summer, how to prevent them

Posted by on Tuesday July 19th, 2016 in News, No food | 0 comments

Every year, with the arrival of summer, the risk of contracting gastrointestinal disorders increases significantly. This is due to many factors that affect our eating habits. In fact, the summer diet leads us to a higher consumption of cold dishes based on meat and raw fish (or just browned) or just-picked vegetables and other foods that were not disinfected, cooked or preserved with care as with certain bagged or industrial foods. In a recent guide widespread in national newspapers, Codacons therefore advises to pay more attention to the expiry dates, to the state of food preservation and hygiene of shops, bars, kiosks, restaurants and any other kind of business in this industry. The association’s guide for consumer protection collects a series of simple precautions that will help us to effectively prevent the various types of food infections. A valuable...

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Between beer and religion: this is Saint Arnulf, the patron saint of brewers!

Posted by on Tuesday June 28th, 2016 in News, No food | 0 comments

Beer? An actual religion! Like all arts and practices, even brewing has its patron saint: Saint Arnulf of Metz, who is celebrated every year on July 18th. Also known as Arnoulf and Arnoul, the patron saint of brewers, was a French bishop in the 7th century. After an intense political life and role as the protagonist of events of power and war involving his city, in 627 D.C. he decided to retreat to Lorena, where he died fifteen years later. His appointment as patron of the blond beverage is due to a legend regarding his remains: on July 18 642 Arnulf’s grandson and successor gave the order to have the remains of his predecessor transferred from the abbey where he died, to the city of Metz. A procession of more than 5000 people, including men, women and children, walked...

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