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The origins of cosmetics are to be sought at the dawn of humanity and the first archaeological proof of the use of cosmetics was found in Ancient Egypt around 5000 BC. It is a well-known fact that Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans used scented essences and cosmetics to enhance their bodies or to correct imperfections. After the fall of the Roman Empire, cosmetics began to change over the decades. In the 20th century, the growing demand for cosmetics led to the creation of the first actual contemporary firms of the sector. Now defined as a science, cosmetics is considered by consumers as a way of improving their image and slowing down natural ageing processes. Cosmetics can be applied via a number of products – such as creams, perfumes, lotions, conditioners, bath foams, shampoos, etc. – all essentially made in...

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Refillable packaging: the packaging of the future

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Refillable packaging is sustainable and cost effective while reducing waste and production costs at the same time. Public opinion considers packaging as one of the key factors in determining the impact that man has on the environment. Accordingly, businesses are exploring new solutions to propose sustainable, functional packaging that is also captivating. Several strategies are adopted: some businesses aim at reducing weights and volumes, others choose biopolymer packaging, which is undoubtedly eco-sustainable but not always cost effective. The pioneers of “refillable packaging”, i.e. packaging that can be refilled once the product has been consumed, gave rise to the development of modern and environmentally friendly refill shops, where you take the same container and refill it with detergents, fabric softeners and other household products. Refillable packaging can also be used for various products in the cosmetics industry, as long as...

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Aluminium packaging: trendier, greener

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Aluminium packaging is popular thanks to new printing technologies, but also thanks to its eco-friendly features Taking advantage of aluminium’s easy processing and new manufacturing and printing technologies, packaging solutions that are increasingly attractive and greatly effective in terms of communication are constantly launched on the market. Packaging solutions with various shapes and ever more creative labels printed directly on aluminium, or applied at a later stage, allow brands to customise and significantly diversify their products while effectively placing them in the target segment of the reference market. The focus on environmental sustainability, a very important issue at the moment in all manufacturing domains, acknowledges aluminium as an absolutely eco-friendly solution thanks to its high recycling rate. About Francesca BurattoFrancesca Buratto is Marketing Manager @ P.E. LabellersMail | More Posts...

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