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Packaging is the key to success

Packaging is one of the fundamental factors in launching a new product

In fact, it is one of the elements that mostly contributes to the success of a product. Packaging has always been an essential marketing lever: in addition to finishing and protecting the goods, it makes them more effective and attractive to consumers. It defines the identity of a product; studying the packaging of a product means developing a series of aesthetic concepts aimed at conveying a specific idea. The importance of packaging is stressed in a research by Nielsen, which analysed 9,900 launches of new products in Europe and declared that success also, and mostly, depends on the package.

Analysts have given this explanation: “packaging must be innovative, appealing and must communicate the value proposition of the offer, so that consumers can immediately grasp the concept of the product.” In other words, the product on the shelves must stand out compared to others and attract the customer’s attention while conveying the right message.

“Over the last two years, packaging design,” as stated in Nielsen’s Breakthrough Innovation Report, “one of the least considered aspects in marketing, has been a key element in the successful launch of new products in Europe.”

Apparently, creating the right packaging for a specific product increases sales by 5.5% on average. Moreover, we should also consider that 60% of purchasing decisions are made in front of supermarket shelves, therefore offers in stores play a crucial role, too.

According to the research, the best products were the Az Complete toothpaste and the Russian non-pasteurised beer Gold Mine Zhivoe.