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Cans and PET: what’s new for Drinktec 2013

cans-packaging-beverage-drinktec-2013 2011 recorded can sales of 175 million, up 19% over the previous year. The success of this type of container is mainly due to the many advantages it offers in terms of practicality, recycling and product protection from external elements. However the number of studies done by companies to offer a wide variety of sizes and designs also turns out to be important and very useful from the marketing point of view.

After the thermochromic can which changes colour depending on the temperature and the can in the shape of an orange, there are rumours of the imminent presentation of self-cooling cans at Drinktec 2013, the ideal occasion for discovering the latest developments in technology and design for packaging.

As far as PET, it continues to dominate the market for mineral water, but is also increasingly being used for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits. As for the barrier effect, the only drawback for this type of material, several studies are concentrating on developing more effective barrier layers: the beer market is opening up to the use of PET as far as kegs, but after Drinktec 2013, there will probably be many companies that choose to package beer in PET cans which have entered the market recently.