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Not just organic food. Now there are organic cosmetics as well

Natural and very effective body care products or make-up

Natural and organic cosmetics are drawing the interest of an increasingly wider audience. Those approaching the organic world are doing so with their health in mind, as well as the environment. Attention is certainly first placed on food, on what we eat. The second step is related to changing habits in everyday choices.

In Italy, the organic trend is constantly on the rise in various sectors, including cosmetics. With a 4.3bn turnover in 2016, Italy is the seventh-largest market in the world.

But what are organic cosmetic products? What makes them different from other products?

For one thing, organic products cannot contain raw materials of animal origin or GMOs. Plus, they are not tested on animals and ionising radiations are not allowed either. To be sure the product you are purchasing is actually organic, first take a look at the label and read the ingredients in the INCI list: there must be no petroleum by-products, paraffin, preservatives, silicones, parabens and artificial colourings. The presence of the label of a certifying body is important as well.

Moreover, formulations based on certified organic and natural ingredients currently rely on the latest extraction technology and are, therefore, very effective and contain a far higher amount of pure active ingredients.

There is now an array of brands specialising in the production of organic cosmetics and even the most famous brands are approaching this world with dedicated lines. There is a truly vast selection, both in terms of types of products and price ranges.