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P.E. Labellers: not just business in Africa

pozzo-di-Anza-sarawat-pe-labellersThe Anza Sarawat well (Ethiopia), a project stemming from the cooperation between the  Butterfly Onlus Foundation and the Catholic Secretariat of Adigrat, will finally be inaugurated in June.

Thanks to the financial support given by various donors, including P.E. Labellers, the plan to build a borehole, complete with mechanical pump and protective fence, of variable depth between 60-80 metres, has been completed.

The goal was to improve the water supply of rural people in the eastern Tigray and Afar area, the northernmost regions of Ethiopia on the border with Eritrea.

After the three months of work, a committee will be organised called Water & Sanitation  to manage and maintain it, in cooperation with the competent local authorities.

Specifically, a guardian of the well will be appointed, in charge of monitoring its operation and to report any faults. Full efficiency of the system will thus be assured.

P.E. Labellers is proud of having been one of the project’s funders and to have helped in completing the undertaking on schedule.