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Ecological packaging increases interest in recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

eco-packaging-labeling-innovation-pe-labellersThe process of production and international distribution of goods has an effect of approximately 30% on CO2 emissions and most of these products need to be packaged and labelled. For this reason, the search for sustainable solutions has gradually gained extreme importance in packaging.

The report published in late 2012 by Transparency Market Research showed that, by 2018, the market for environmentally friendly packaging will see significant growth.
The cost factor will be considered less important by virtue of the sustainability factor and Europe will lead the way in packaging with low impact on the environment with minimal resources. Even consumers are becoming more demanding and appreciate packages considered to be green.
Since the issue of the environment is current and often in the news, many consumers take it for granted that the packaging of the products they buy will be environmentally friendly and manufacturers of packaging have no choice but to adapt and satisfy consumers.