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Packaging for cosmetics: new lines for the 2014 World Cup.

Wpackaging-cosmetici-brasile-2014here there’s football, there is a business opportunity to be exploited and the world of fashion knows how to make use of it: summer 2014 fashion trends are inspired by the World Cup. So make up and cosmetic products for the face and body have been transformed, reinvented, refreshed: many brands have decided to offer a product line with a theme, trying to bring a bit of Brazilian air to other continents as well.

The marketing departments from lots of companies have done a good job of proposing new packaging that inspires with bright colours, decidedly tropical patterns and a Brazilian feel.

The predominant colours are yellow and green, accompanied by electric blue, featured both in clothing and make up. The fragrances proposed for this period are fruity, refreshing and invigorating while the product names are inspired by Brazilian cities.

Contrary to expectations, young consumers are not the only ones attracted to these new product lines, the “world cup mania” has captured consumers of all ages and both sexes.