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Peroni is in love with Umbria

The green heart of Italy has been chosen, once again, for harvesting barley to produce the famous beer

To make excellent beer, quality raw materials make a difference. This is why Peroni, a historic world-renowned Italian brand, chose, for the third year in a row, to inaugurate its barley harvest in Umbria, specifically in Deruta, where Paolo Palmerini’s farm is based. The supply chain farmer was also featured in the latest TV commercial of Peroni Gran Riserva.

Harvesting is a crucial time of the year in order to offer consumers a product that lives up to its name. And this year’s drought does not seem to have had a negative impact. Actually, according to Fabio Scappaticci, production and quality manager of the Saplo malthouse, the extraordinary quality of this year’s crops is due to the scarce rainfall. Barley, the most commonly used cereal to produce the refreshing drink, which adds special scents and hues, is mainly grown in Umbria, known as the Green Heart of Italy. Indeed, Umbria has more than 300 farmers with 3,000 hectares of cultivated land and grows 25% of Italy’s malted barley for brewing.

“Celebrating the barley harvest with the farmers in our industry is a great chance for a hands-on experience of the daily work involved in producing Italy’s favourite Blonde,” said Federico Sannella, head of external relations for Peroni.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Deruta, Michele Toniaccini, Giuseppe Perretti, Director of CERB (Beer Research Excellence Centre), and the Director of Confagricoltura Umbria, Cristiano Casagrande.