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Definitive EU stop on animal-tested cosmetics

stop-test-cosmetici-sugli-animaliAs from March 2013, following the “white rabbits petition” and other requests, the ban on animal-tested cosmetics came into effect.

The EU banned animal testing for cosmetics in 2009, but in countries such as Brazil, China and the USA, animal testing is still allowed and these products were also being sold in European shops. 35,000 signatures were delivered to the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli, to put an end to the suffering of animals used for testing cosmetics sold in the European Union. 27 signatories, one for each member state, descended on Brussels dressed as white rabbits.

In a communication adopted on 11 March 2013, the Commission confirms its commitment to comply with the deadline set in the past by the Council and Parliament, and explains how it intends to continue to support research and innovation in this sector, while promoting animal welfare worldwide.
There are no changes however, to rules concerning animal testing with regard to medicines, foods or chemicals, which remain those currently in force.