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The three glasses of the Italian 2018 Gambero Rosso Wine Guide have been unveiled

Awards to the best labels of the peninsula, plus many “special mentions”

The new edition of the Italian 2018 Gambero Rosso Wine Guide, which assigns awards the best labels and the best companies in the peninsula, was recently presented. As many know, the most anticipated moment is the award of the “Three Glasses”, a guarantee of production excellence. The guide reviews 252,000 wines and 2485 companies, and this year there were 436 wines that received the highest recognition.

For 2018 the title of “wine cellar of the year” was won by the Venetian company Masi of the Boscaini family. Stefano Amerighi was the “winemaker of the year”, while the “emerging wine cellar” was Calabrian group Spiriti Ebbri.

The green and organic sectors are gaining more and more space and the Three Green Glasses have increased – reaching 99 – that is, the products of organically certified, biodynamic companies that received the awards.

There were also many special awards and special mentions included by Gambero Rosso. Among them, the one for “sustainable viticulture” was assigned to the great Ferrari company of the Lunelli family. A new award is the “solidarity prize project”, dedicated to characters and companies that have shown a special focus on social sensibility. 2018 brought an award to Elisabetta Fagiouli of the Tuscan company Montenidoli in the province of Siena, who has created a not-for-profit foundation to give a roof to the elderly and young people in difficulty.

Speaking of figures by region, Piedmont won the highest number of three glasses with 77 award-winning labels. Next came Tuscany with 76 and Veneto with 41, South Tyrol with 27 and Friuli Venezia Giulia with 26 lagging behind. The regions with the least awards were Basilicata with 5, Calabria 4 and Molise with 1.