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The Italian packaging situation


The packaging sector in Italy does not seem to be affected by the crisis: turnover in 2013 was almost six billion and growth exceeded 7%, mostly due to exports. Italian companies – thanks to ongoing investment in research and innovation – compete for world leadership in exports together with Germany.

Entrepreneurial tradition and technological innovation are the qualities that allowed packaging to continue crunching big numbers, together with wide manoeuvring spaces. First and foremost Africa, where Italian foodstuff packaging plays a leading role, as was recently proved at ”East Afripack”, specialised trade fair in processing and packaging food and non food products.

The data disclosed by Unido (the United Nations Organisation for industrial development), confirm this role, identifying Italy as the third supplier of the East African area for technologies connected to packaging.

Next to Africa, the importance of North America is confirmed, exceeding 10% of Italian exports in the sector with almost 400 million, followed by the Middle East, China and Indonesia, thus highlighting how European countries have an increasingly marginal role on the world export stage.

With regards to the home situation however, the sector is led by the Emilia-Romagna “packaging valley”, which on its own includes 39% of national companies, followed by Lombardy with over 28% of companies.