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“A Taste of Italy”: the Wine Pavilion at Expo 2015


Expo 2015 is preparing for its grand finale. If you haven’t visited the Universal Exhibition yet, there’s still time until October 31st to get to Milan and enjoy the greatest event ever staged on the whole subject of food.

More than just an exhibition, it’s really a huge “Luna Park” of different flavours, with a whole range of events, shows, creative workshops and meetings, enabling the various countries taking part to showcase their latest technologies and to offer a real response to the sensitive question of feeding the world.

Among the many attractions to be found at Expo 2015, we particularly recommend a visit to the Wine Pavilion, entitled “VINO – A taste of Italy” and proving to be one of the greatest draws at the exhibition. Here, the excellence of Italian production is on display in all its forms, taking the visitor on an amazing journey through the history and flavours of the nation’s wine.

The pavilion itself was the brain-child of the Italian architect, Italo Rota, and extends over three levels. It was intended to represent a large, luxury wine-cellar, with a stylish design and a décor ranging from white to beige.

The various areas are divided up by region or by wine zone. Inside, the visitor is drawn into a fascinating journey of discovery and emotion, with multi-media displays and settings which recount the story of wine, its production and various characteristics.

However, the crowning glory of the pavilion is the so-called “Library of Wine”, a tasting area furnished just like a proper reading-room. One of its features is the Automatic Bar, which you can enter with payment of a €10 token. You can then taste up to 3 types of wine, from a choice of over 1,300 varieties from all parts of Italy. This is a truly enormous wine-list, and the pavilion is using the sommelier services of Fisar to ensure that visitors enjoy a unique tasting experience.