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Towards the new frontier of the Internet of Packaging


How many among us, over recent years, have tried at least once to imagine shopping in the future?

Among interactive labels, multimedia info on the supply chain and direct connections with the manufacturers, what up until now seemed like an unrealistic scenario may soon turn into reality.

The so-called “Internet of Packaging”, big data, cloud computing and technologies associated with customers’ habits is taking on an increasingly prominent role in corporate strategies in order to create new profit opportunities. The food packaging and packaging market in general is undoubtedly one of the sectors that blend in best with this new idea of company-client contact via the internet.

Thanks to heavy investment made by the sector’s top brands, this functional packaging focuses on growing technological development via three different approaches:

Active packaging – This kind of advanced packaging interacts with the surrounding environment and absorbs unwanted substances, thereby favouring the storage and safety of products and good.

Intelligent packaging – A direct connection between the manufacturer and the consumer that provides information about the storage status of good and the specific features of the various products. Moreover, the user can count in information and additional services via big data and cloud computing (along with Bluetooth and NFC sensors).

Smart packaging – This packaging is designed to be a precious ally for users when the product is actually used. For instance, there is an increasing number of innovative wrappings that can generate heat to warm up food and drinks or that can expel excess steam after the food has been cooked.

Finally, by using various kinds of sensors and QR codes there will be the chance to considerably reduce food waste and the amount of food that perishes inside the fridge, while large retailers can monitor, step by step, the quality and freshness of food before it reaches shelves in shops.