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Organic wine: starting from the 2012 vintage, it will be indicated on the label

Earlier this year, the European Union has set out the criteria for the production and labelling of organic wine.

The new regulation, which entered into force on August 1st, 2012, establishes that, starting with the 2012 vintage, organic wine producers can certify as organic not only the grapes, but also the wine produced, as long as they meet all the requirements on substances used in oenological practices.

Wine producers have been awaiting this recognition since 1991; AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) welcomed this EU decision with satisfaction.

But also consumers will be surely satisfied, because they will finally be able to recognise organic wine thanks to the EC label (the leaf outlined by 12 white stars on a green background) already applied to all other organic products, along with the code number of the competent certifying body.

Italy will be the top organic wine-producing country in Europe, followed by France and Spain.