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PDO and PGI wines: the news concerning labelling

The new Italian law on PDO and PGI products, their labelling and presentation involving the wine growing and producing industry, published last August 28 in the Official Journal, has entered into force.

After a simplification intervention of the national regulations, the consolidated Act on “the labelling and presentation of PDO and PGI wines and other wine-related products” was drawn up, which sets forth, among other things, the recodification of the standards concerning containers and the capping of DOCG (Denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin), DOC (Controlled designation of origin) and Igt wines. In addition, some constraints on packaging, concerning DOC wines in particular, were eliminated.

Some liberalisation measures allow for the use of different bottle closures authorised by the EU legislation in force, including the screw cap and a traditional cork for higher quality products.

“These measures,” stressed the Minister, “demonstrate the careful and constant work that the Italian Ministry of Agriculture has been carrying out to protect and safeguard Italian excellence in an appropriate manner”.